Tuesday, January 8, 2008

9 - biochemistry mcqs - 65 to 75 - glycolysis

65 - which enzyme is the major control point for glycolysis in muscle under most conditions .

a- glucokinase
b- hexokinase
c- phosphofructokinase
d- pyruvate kinase

answer is c .


66 - ATP in fast twitch muscle fibres is supplied predominantly by which type of glycolysis

a- aerobic
b- anaerobic

answer is b . anaerobic glycolysis .


67 - the rate of ATP production by anaerobic glycolysis can be upto 100 times faster than that of oxidative phosphorylation .

the above statement is true .


68 - under which conditions is the complete oxidation of pyruvate mediated by citric acid cycle ?

a- aerobic
b- anaerobic

answer is a .


69 - impaired substrate cycling may lead to a lack of nonshivering thermogenesis and result in cold sensitivity in obese individuals .

the above statement is true .


70 - which molecule acts as a signal amplifier when concentrations of ATP are low to increase the phosphofructokinase activity ?

a- ADP
b- ATP
c- AMP

answer is c . AMP .


71 - Ribulose 5 phosphate ( RU5P ) is converted to ribose 5 phosphate ( R5P ) by the enzyme ?

a- ribulose 5 phosphate dehydrogenase
b- ribose 5 phosphate dehydrogenase

the answer is C .


72 - which aminoacid side chain forms the schiff base with the substrate in the aldolase reaction ?

a- arginine
b- serine
c- tyrosine
d- lysine

answer is d.


73 - lactate formed in skeletal muscle cells during anaerobic glycolysis is carried back to the liver , where it is used to synthesize

a- glucose
b- fructose
c- fatty acids
d- amino acids

answer is a .


74 - flouride ion inhibits glycolysis by inhibiting the action of which enzyme ?

answer - enolase


75 - what is the enzyme which catalyses the formation of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate and dihydroxy acetone phosphate ?

a- aldolase
b- enolase
c- kinase
d- mutase

answer is a . aldolase .



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