Wednesday, May 14, 2008

20 - enzymes with zinc as cofactor

QUESTION : all the following enzymes have zinc as a cofactor except ?

a- glutamate dehydrogenase
b- alcohol dehydrogenase
c- lactate dehydrogenase
d- alkaline phosphatase
e- glutathione peroxidase

answer : e . glutathione peroxidase uses selenium as a cofactor and not zinc.

the list of enzymes which use zinc as a cofactor are :

1. glutamate dehydrogenase
2. alcohol dehydrogenase
3. lactate dehydrogenase
4. carbonic anhydrase
5. alkaline phosphatase
6. DNA polymerase
7. RNA polymerase
8. delta-ALA dehydratase
9. superoxide dismutase
10. pancreatic carboxypeptidase

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