Tuesday, May 27, 2008

24 - biochemistry mcqs - 156 to 166

156. which of the following require template for its formation ?

a- carbohydrate

b- protein

c- lipids

d- phospholipids

e- nucleic acids

answer : b and e . proteins require the m RNA template where as the nucleic acids require the DNA template .

157. which of the following are intermediate metabolites in TCA cycle ?

a- pyruvate

b- malonate

c- oxaloacetate

d- isocitrate

e- nitric oxide

answers : c and d .

158. which is the smallest fundamental unit coding for DNA synthesis ?

a- cistron

b- operon

c- replican

d- anti codon

answer : a . cistron .

159. metabolic bone disease is caused by excess intake of which vitamin ?

a- vitamin A

b- vitamin B

c- vitamin C

d- vitamin D

e- vitamin E

answer : a and d are the answers . both vitamin D and vitamin A .

160. hypolipidemic agents act on :

a- HMG COA synthetase

b- HMG COA oxygenase

c- HMG COA reductase

d- HMG COA hydratase

e- HMG COA mutase

Answer : c. HMG CO A reductase .

161. correct sequence of enzymes required for DNA formation ?

Answer : DNA topoisomerase – RNA polymerase – DNA polymerase 3 – DNA polymerase 1 – DNA ligase .

I did not give u the options because , it would confuse u further .

162. which of the following are the bile acids synthesized in the liver ? ( primary bile acids )

a- cholic acid

b- chenodeoxy cholic acid

c- deoxycholic acid

d- lithocholic acid

e- taurocholic acid

f- glycocholic acid

answer : a and b are the answers . c and d are the secondary bile acids . e and f are the bile salts . sodium taurocholate and sodium glycocholate are the bile salts formed on combining with sodium .

163. vitamin required for the conversion of hydroxy proline to proline ?

a- vitamin C

b- vitamin E

c- pyridoxal phosphate

d- biotin

answer : vitamin C .

164. enzyme activity measured in beri beri is ?

a- transketolase

b- transaminase

c- decarboxylase

d- deaminases

answer : a . transketolase .

165. muscle cannot make use of glycogen for energy because of deficiency of ?

a- glucokinase

b- phosphoglucomutase

c- glucose 6 phosphatase

d- muscle phosphorylase

answer : c .

166. pompe’s disease is due to deficiency of which enzyme ?

a- branching enzyme

b- glucose 6 phosphatase

c- acid maltase deficiency

d- muscle phosphorylase

answer : c . acid maltase deficiency . acid maltase is otherwise called alpha glucosidase .

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